Our GM

"I'm excited about my work not just because it's my family - it's sincerely where I belong. There's a lot of growth opportunity at HST Co. Professionally, I feel rewarded, as there are many new opportunities that allow us to grow, learn and explore.

In addition, I like the role that my organization plays in the retail field in this region. There is a tremendous amount of fantastic history and tradition here since 1974. The unique nature of our business, the work we do and the places where we are present are a source of encouragement and constant challenge.

From the way we've grown on personal and professional level, everyone at HST Co feels that there's always excitement around the corner. I appreciate the variety of people and business issues I come across everyday, the impeccable support of the team and the fact of being associated with the world's best known brands. All the team at HST Co believes in our portfolio of brands and look to constantly improve and expand. From entry-level to management, everyone shares the same passion and has a clear understanding of what needs to be done.

For me, HSTCO is the perfect union between Ability, Ambition and Action that is well established in all of us. I am proud to be part of it."

Jamil S. Rayess